An Introduction


This is like one of those blurbs that you would find the the back of a book,  A little introduction to the " Author" complete with a list of things they've done. Followed by a cheesy stock photo of them often in black and white, decent lighting.
I've thrown  a filter over mine.

As you browse the pages in this Blog you will be rewarded with insightful entry's  such as my very important views on things. things that I couldn't express on other social networks and just because I like writing , it is something to pass the time.
I'm a fan of films and have myself partaken in filming and script writing, and the occasional film extra and tv background work.
I'm a fan of attractions, theme parks, history and enjoy making amateur films- often about attractions, theme parks and history. It's probably something that I should have taken up at college and studied for , but instead chose Art and Design.... certainly not a waste of time at all !!!
I don't expect anything out of this blog, but I will use it to mainly review things... either recorded , or written.... I haven't really decided .



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