Sunday, 8 May 2011

5CREAM- Final Stab

Don't Panic This Isn't Real....The editing is crude, The sounds are all over the shop and The quality is quite poor....
It's a new edition to the DW Present: Movies that get updated on Youtube not so often.
After watching Scre4m at the cinema and after finding my 1998 Ghostface mask, me and some colleagues took a few minutes after work one day to shoot some scenes that I edited into a teaser Trailer For 5cream.

Not really A plot, just a showcase of new cast, Ghostface and the iconic music from the films. Enjoy,


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Jack The Giant Killer....

I have just finished a long week on the Motion Picture ' Jack The Giant Killer' which is directed by Bryan Singer ( Usual Suspects, X-men).... Because the film is still in production and not due to be released until June 15th 2012, i cannot say too much or even post any pictures from production.
Here is a rundown of what I can say, followed by a picture that has already made it's way online.....

It's a modern day fairy tale in which the long-standing peace between men and giants is threatened, as a young farmer leads an expedition into the giants' kingdom in hopes of rescuing a kidnapped princess. It uses the formula of Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer, so Fi Fi Fo Fum will be heard...
Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) is playing Jack, Eleanor Tomlinson (Alice in Wonderland) will play the Princess and potential love interest of Jack. Stanley Tucci (Captain America) is the film's main villain, Roderick.
Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) will portray the leader of the giants, Fallon. The giant Fallon will have two heads, with one being Nighy and the other John Kassir.( The Cryptkeeper)
Ian McShane (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) will portray King Brahmwell, who is none too thrilled about a union between his daughter the Princess  Jack. 
Ewan McGregor ( Moulin Rouge) and Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes) play the Kings Guard and lead the Battle against the Giants.
Warwick Davies (Harry Potter) will play a small role of the Leader of an Acting Troupe.

The information here is already online so should not break any rules, and the picture that follows has also been published online and in Print.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Thorpe Park : A Review.....

I with a friend ventured to Thorpe Park in Chertsey on Wednesday ( 30th March ) something of an annual thing between us. I usually enjoy visiting the place but with a large grey cloud following us on the way there, it clearly was going to be a wet and cold day. We were greeted at the car park entrance by a young girl in an orange security coat informing us that to park in the car park we would have to pay, that's new. Thankfully it was only a £2 charge for the whole day. As we walked through the gates we could see that we more or less had an easy day, No queues, No screaming Kids and Two Free Tickets. The weather sure looked shit but the day could be salvaged.

The First Insult : We walk through the main gate and are pulled over by a group of guards for security checks which lasted longer than five minutes. There was plenty of people walking through the gate without even being looked at but for some reason the Guards were after males between the ages of 20 and 25 and unlucky for us there was a few College Lads limping about the place. " We always do this mate, about six or seven years" said one of the Guards. "Didn't do it the last three times I have been " I said rather impatiently as I watch a few more Chav like boys walk through the gate, hand down their trousers ,baseball caps 90 degrees, kissing their teeth. After finding nothing we are free to enter the place officially.

Our eyes are drawn to the new ride, Storm eyesore located slap bang in the middle of the park, where the children's octopus garden used to be. It is a brightly coloured flume type ride that sends visitors in inflatable rafts spinning round corners before hitting the water.( Teacups, waltzers on a slide ) It was rubbish. New For 2011. Clearly rushed for the new term. The Ride wasn't themed for the area it was in and although it was supposed to have a hillbilly theme there was no sign of it, We spotted cannons alongside the queue line but thankfully because there wasn't a queue there was no way to get to them, so we stayed dry....even as the raft hit the water on the way down the chute. The climb up the 65ft slope was slow, boring and although you got to see the rest of the park, you realise how small it really is. Not exactly worth advertising as the Main Event for 2011, I would have preferred  it if the Ride was just there as an addition to the Water Themed area.

After a few more rides with no queues it was easy to see that Thorpe Park is Poorly conditioned, Ride entrances and Sets were really old, Paint peeling off, bits of scenery was damaged and the Videos that play in the queuing system have been taken away. The Ride X: NO WAY OUT is by far the worst looked after ride they have to offer. The Paint on the outside is faded, the Long maze like corridor has all the features taken out (cyborgs, Flashing Lights, Music and Video Monitors) so you are left with a blue wooden hallway, T.V units hanging on brackets and Large empty spaces. The Ride itself was also poor, It is supposed to be a dark backward rollercoster based on a Biohazzard outbreak. The Ride Was so dark, the Cyborg Figures that usually light up were even hidden, There was a feeling of unsafe seating as the safety bar lifted up allowing me to slide out should I want to. It's not the first time I was let down by the ride, Once I went on it and All the lighting was switched on allowing me to see the workmen walking about below.
Another thing I will mention about the Park is all the cobwebs you can see on the Ride, Entrance to and so on....
The 4D show was rubbish, Located where the Pirate show used to be. The surrounding set was still pirate themed as was the inside. I can understand trying to update the show ( completely CGI now) but it was rubbish. The TIME VOYAGERS made no sense, The plot was hard to follow and the 4D effects were not that impressive and everyone left asking what happened. The Original Show had the late Leslie Nielsen and the effects although dated worked well. NOT A GOOD UPDATE AT ALL.

I can Not say anything bad about SAW the ride ( my personal favorite) apart from  the Video that records you as you go round wasn't working on our cart. So after spending Ten minutes waiting to see the result we were told that not all were working that day. A little upsetting as I would have enjoyed watching.
The Ride had been updated and the effects inside worked better than they did in 2009, and even the location and layout of the place looked great. A fan of the films it was nice to see something that worked....the same couldn't be said for SAW ALIVE : Live Horror MAZE
Picture a scare attraction, ( London Dungeons, Tower Bridge Experience, Passaje DEl
THIS IS THE WORST we entered a room we found THREE members of staff talking to each other, and they had not noticed we were in the room. As soon as they saw us One hid in the corner and faced the wall, one backed off and went into the next room and the other ran the other way. By the time we got to the next room we were not scared as the girl on the bed was the one we saw talking and had ran away. we also passed the girl that backed off , she was slumped in the corner obviously we had caught up with her again.
Other than this upsetting display,SAw Alive was a decent thing to do if you like Scares and Bumps in the night. It was a shame you couldn't have a better look at some of the Scenes recreated.

 I think the novelty of Thorpe Park is worn off on me, despite a few decent rides there is nothing much different there. The amount of closed food places and the poor conditioned rides have put me off from visiting again this year. It needs a revamp...
Even the rubbish looking maps have opted for a big head look, they look too cartoon like and the classic Thorpe Park rangers are no where in sight. ( unless you include the carousel ride).

Monday, 21 March 2011

London DEtour

 I went on a Tour Of London recently and Wrote a review of a wonderful day, 
who am I to deny it anymore credit so im blogging about the day.

Visit and Follow the Tour guides Blog at

I embarked on a City of London Walking Tour and I am happy to say that it was indeed fun and educational. The weather was an important feature on the day, not a cloud in sight. The sky was blue and painted a wonderful backdrop over the London skyline.  Another important feature on the day was the enthusiasm and passion of our Tour Guide. It was good to see someone that wasn’t reading a pre scripted tour and relaying the information straight from a book. His approach and humour towards the detail made the group feel like the tour was catered for them. The locations and places visited were nestled away within London’s busy streets and had they not been pointed out to me I would never have known of their existence. Wandering between back alleys and main roads, each sight was followed by interesting facts and I can honestly say that I went away remembering dates, numbers and other forms of knowledge that was recited that day.
Heading past the famous landmarks it was refreshing to see what hidden locations the tour had to offer (and just naming a few) A Roman Bath that has ties to Tudor times, The fictional location of Sweeney Todd, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese from A Tale Of Two Cities and the district that Mr Dickens set Scrooge’s London in A Christmas Carol. All tucked away in winding corridors and narrow paths of London’s busy streets. As the tour went on it was the Guide who made our day enjoyable, His passion for the tour really showed as he mixed factual knowledge, literature, famous quotes and urban myth into his speeches. He was patient enough for the group to ask questions and take photos and was honest enough to admit that he learns new things from doing the tour, be it a customer or a passer-by.

 The Location Of Mr Sweeney Todd ( fictional, but yes this is where he would have had his shop)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

DW Presents...

Something new called DW Presents... I work for a Victorian Themed Tourist Attraction ( employed as a Live Actor and now all around Dogsbody) and because of a decline in work to do...( a kinder description ) me and a few of the Performers there make our own fun. The first thing that I will post in a DW Presents section is a video spoof of a 70's martial art film very much in the vein of an early Bruce Lee film.
The video is called Ball Of Death, which came about when myself and a friend decided to throw a ball to each other in a Martial art style. After 30 minutes a skit was devised....
Over this time peroid I was watching the classic Japanese Television show Monkey. ( Monkey Magic )

and what is the name of my Work place....I would rather not say,

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Last week I auditioned for the new Batman Live Tour, Out of the three choices (Batman,Robin,Joker) I went for Robin  as there was about 200 Joker's in the queue. Lets just say Heath Ledger's Joker was ruined for me that day, almost everyone was licking their lips, parting their hair and leaning forwards trying to immitate the late actor from The Dark Knight.I left the audition unsuccessful but my CV was collected by the team in charge of casting, so i may not play Robin but at least i could end up as a thug.What tone was the Tour? I can't tell you, the script's we were given to read had elements from different versions of Batman, the 60's tv show, the Mark Hamill Joker and the Heath Ledger Version. 
I got tickets for the show anyway (birthday gift) so its not exactly a loss if I dont get it.
check out the video below that somebody has posted on Youtube titled Worst Batman Auditions, I assure you that this does not do justice to the worst of the day. 
Enjoy Batfans, Same Bat Time,Same Bat Channel.