Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Last week I auditioned for the new Batman Live Tour, Out of the three choices (Batman,Robin,Joker) I went for Robin  as there was about 200 Joker's in the queue. Lets just say Heath Ledger's Joker was ruined for me that day, almost everyone was licking their lips, parting their hair and leaning forwards trying to immitate the late actor from The Dark Knight.I left the audition unsuccessful but my CV was collected by the team in charge of casting, so i may not play Robin but at least i could end up as a thug.What tone was the Tour? I can't tell you, the script's we were given to read had elements from different versions of Batman, the 60's tv show, the Mark Hamill Joker and the Heath Ledger Version. 
I got tickets for the show anyway (birthday gift) so its not exactly a loss if I dont get it.
check out the video below that somebody has posted on Youtube titled Worst Batman Auditions, I assure you that this does not do justice to the worst of the day. 
Enjoy Batfans, Same Bat Time,Same Bat Channel.

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