Monday, 21 March 2011

London DEtour

 I went on a Tour Of London recently and Wrote a review of a wonderful day, 
who am I to deny it anymore credit so im blogging about the day.

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I embarked on a City of London Walking Tour and I am happy to say that it was indeed fun and educational. The weather was an important feature on the day, not a cloud in sight. The sky was blue and painted a wonderful backdrop over the London skyline.  Another important feature on the day was the enthusiasm and passion of our Tour Guide. It was good to see someone that wasn’t reading a pre scripted tour and relaying the information straight from a book. His approach and humour towards the detail made the group feel like the tour was catered for them. The locations and places visited were nestled away within London’s busy streets and had they not been pointed out to me I would never have known of their existence. Wandering between back alleys and main roads, each sight was followed by interesting facts and I can honestly say that I went away remembering dates, numbers and other forms of knowledge that was recited that day.
Heading past the famous landmarks it was refreshing to see what hidden locations the tour had to offer (and just naming a few) A Roman Bath that has ties to Tudor times, The fictional location of Sweeney Todd, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese from A Tale Of Two Cities and the district that Mr Dickens set Scrooge’s London in A Christmas Carol. All tucked away in winding corridors and narrow paths of London’s busy streets. As the tour went on it was the Guide who made our day enjoyable, His passion for the tour really showed as he mixed factual knowledge, literature, famous quotes and urban myth into his speeches. He was patient enough for the group to ask questions and take photos and was honest enough to admit that he learns new things from doing the tour, be it a customer or a passer-by.

 The Location Of Mr Sweeney Todd ( fictional, but yes this is where he would have had his shop)

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